About Me

My name is London Bielicke. I'm currently a rising Junior at Rhodes College in Memphis Tenessee (Class of 2024). I study Computer Science, and I am also pursing Math and German Minors. My DREU experience is located at the University of Delaware.

Dr. Mauriello

My Mentour is currently a Assistant Professor and Human-Computer Interaction researcher in the Departmet of Computer & information Sciences at the University of Delaware as well as director of the Sensify Lab. Click here for more information on Dr. Mauriello

Weekly Updates

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As part of Dr. Mauriello's Sensify lab, I am working on a project to detect stress in computer users by supplementing the use of facial tracking with stored information on the user's interaction with their computer. We want to see if the supplemental data can prevent racial and other biases that come with facial tracking systems. See my final report here.